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Many people don’t realize it, but dentures have been around for thousands of years!

In fact, research shows that the first crude dentures were invented in the 7th century BC. Fortunately, dental technology has come a long way since then.

Today’s dentures are stronger, natural-looking and much more comfortable than ever before. For people who have lost their teeth, or for those who need to have their teeth extracted, a good set of dentures can be a life-changing experience.

That’s why Dr. Jaros is pleased to provide dentures to her patients from in and around the Austin, TX, area.

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Two Types of Dentures

You’ve probably heard of full and partial dentures, with full sets consisting of a top and bottom plate and partials consisting of a few artificial teeth affixed to a plate that looks very much like natural gum tissue. But there is another way to distinguish between types of dentures: immediate and conventional. Here’s the difference between the two:
  • Conventional dentures – For people who have already lost their teeth, and whose gum tissue has completely healed, conventional dentures are an excellent way to replace their natural teeth.
  • Immediate dentures – When patients need to have all of their teeth extracted, they have the option of either living without teeth until their gum tissue heals, or being fitted with “immediate dentures” right after the extraction procedure is complete.
  • This type of denture allows patients to enjoy the benefits of dentures without having to wait for the gum tissue to heal. While that’s an obvious benefit, patients who choose immediate dentures will need to visit our office periodically in the weeks and months after they’re fitted since the gum tissue changes shape during the healing process and the dentures need to be adjusted accordingly.
If you’re a new denture wearer, it may take some time to become accustomed to your new dental appliance. Dr. Jaros can make some recommendations regarding foods to avoid until you get used to your dentures, as well as how best to clean and care for your new appliance.

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