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Cosmetic Dentistry Dr. Lindsey Jaros Austin Dental Works

At Austin Dental Works, we know how important it is to have an attractive smile. That’s why Dr. Jaros is happy to offer several cosmetic dentistry services to our Austin, TX, area patients. Those include teeth whitening, porcelain veneers, dental bonding and the ClearCorrect method for straightening teeth. A perfect smile is only a phone call away, so contact our office today!

A beautiful Woman smiling with black hair braided - Dental Bonding


If you have overall good oral health, but have teeth with minor dental issues – such as tiny cracks, eroded enamel, misshaped teeth, or teeth with wide gaps in between – Dr. Jaros may recommend dental bonding to resolve those issues.

Man wearing eyeglass smiling - Teeth Whitening


Almost nothing makes a person feel better about his or her appearance than a beautiful smile. In fact, studies show that an attractive smile improves our self-confidence, self-esteem, and makes us feel generally better about our place in the world. And one of the easiest, least expensive ways of brightening your smile is with professional teeth whitening.

Dr. Lindsey Jaros of Austin Dental Works Performing Root Canal Therapy


Thanks to modern dental technology, having a straighter smile has never been easier! One remarkable example of that technology would be ClearCorrect clear plastic aligners. The concept behind ClearCorrect is to straighten the patient’s teeth without the embarrassment of traditional metal braces.

Tooth Extraction - Dentist showing a result of Dental X-ray to A patient


If you’ve ever dreamed of having movie star smile, we have some good news for you – we can make that dream come true and accomplish it in no time at all with porcelain veneers! Dr. Jaros can usually fit you with custom porcelain veneers in just a single trip to our Austin, TX, office

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