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Tooth Extractions

Why Are Tooth Extractions Necessary?

There are a variety of specific reasons why a tooth may need to be pulled. Typically, it becomes necessary when a tooth is so badly damaged that it can’t be repaired by some other dental procedure. But there are other reasons as well. For patients with weakened immune systems, developing an infection in a tooth can put their overall health at risk.

In these instances, Dr. Jaros may recommend that the tooth be pulled to avoid putting the patient’s health in jeopardy.

People with an impacted tooth – in other words, a tooth that hasn’t fully erupted through the gum tissue – may need to have the tooth extracted if it’s coming in at the wrong angle. And when people with untreated, advanced gum disease end up with loose teeth, the dentist has no alternative other than to extract the teeth.

The Importance of Recovery at Home

While it’s true that the process involved in extracting a tooth is often relatively simple, it does require some diligence on the part of the patient after the procedure is completed. Dr. Jaros will provide instructions regarding how to properly care for the extraction site after the tooth is pulled, and the patient will need to follow these directions to make sure that the extraction site heals completely.

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Tooth Extraction - Dentist showing a result of Dental X-ray to A patient

Dr. Jaros would agree with most dental professionals – it’s always preferable to save a tooth rather than extract it.

Unfortunately, some circumstances require that one or more teeth be pulled.

When tooth extractions are necessary, Dr. Jaros wants her Austin, TX, area patients to know that thanks to modern dental techniques, having a tooth pulled is usually a simple, quick procedure that can be done right here in our Austin office.

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